Friday, June 25, 2010

No Gabrielle, No Life.

Mr. Donut box
....Fiesta maybe?

More classmates and Yamamoto-sensei
That's a drawing of me on the left next to Goku... XD
A few pages from my memory album
Our class (1st year, Kumi #5)
My gifts
Today was the last day of school :( I am really going to miss everyone! Yamamoto-sensei even snuck in soda and candy for a secret party. We played a little bit of music and ate and took pictures. The class made me an awesome photo/message album and after I received that I made an ity bity speech in broken Japanese. I think the class got this jist of it and Yamamoto-sensei helped translate a little. Next, I handed out my email address to all the girls so we could hang out after their tests. After that, I was swarmed with gifts and letters, it felt like my birthday! I armed wrested 2 or 3 girls (and beat all of them X) Some of the boys wanted  a match too but I said no. Two boys arm wrestled and the one that messed with his hair a lot beat a baseball player! I'm going to miss all my Japanese classmates, the boys were really entertaining (intentionally and sometimes not) and all the girls were so thoughtful and sweet and kind and adorable :( I will miss them!! I even got a few hugs which usually is not something Japanese people do. Everyone said they wanted to talk and hang out more later, I even had to pinky-promise one girl (who also gave me a friendship bracelet). It was sad to leave but hopefully I will see everyone outside of school too.

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  1. I fell in love with Mr. Donut yesterday. Japanese donuts are amazing!!