Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lucky Summer

It's already been two days with my host family! I'll make it short and sweet.

Kyoto: My area rep picked me up from Kyoto station around 2 or 3pm and we went shopping in Kyoto. Everyone in Japan seems to have this specific (and very cute) straw and lace hat. I decided to buy one for myself :) I also bought two cute charms, a raspberry and a gift for my Dad. When we got to my area rep's house we watched "Pimp My Ride" on TV cause I could understand it. I explained to her that there are people like this at my school. When my host family came over to pick me up I was very nervous and they asked my a lot of questions that were fairly simple I guess but I didn't understand them! >.< Yukari (my host mom) is very nice and not shy at all for a Japanese person. My host dad is nice too and is a little short. I guess I am just used to my giant Dad. Yuki and Natsuki are so nice and sweet. Yuki is busy studying for exams, sad cause she is only in 7th grade and Natsuki is so energetic! We played hide an go seek with a plastic bow in the car for at least an hour...When we drove home it took about 1.5 hours and I was so exhausted. I took a bath in the ofuro, which was nice actually. I like having a room that can get completely wet. I thought it was funny that she said I could spend "13 minutes" in the ofuro. My host mom showed my my room, which is kinda big and surprisingly has a water bed...interesting. The house is surrounded by rice fields with lots of frogs! The family also has a shiba inu dog named Kuro. The next day my host mom, Natsuki and me went to "JUSCO", basically a super giant awesome store that has everything. I bought a few thinks, took purikura photos with them and played arcade games with Natsuki :)

My host mom also mentioned that next weekend would be a camping trip and later a boat trip. Also we will hopefully go to Kyoto city and Kobe. Tomorrow I am meeting the Principal of my school...I am so scared!! More soon!


  1. Gabbbyyyyyyy!!!!
    Your host family sounds awesome!! I'm so glad to know you're having fun :D
    and lol about pimp my ride.
    Whenever I showed my host mom my year book she was always fascinated by the pimp my ride type people..

  2. I'm pretty sure everyone in Japan has/has had a shiba inu. We have one too. I have only seen one non shiba inu in this country.