Friday, June 18, 2010

Lost: The Sequel

Cute ribbon!
Changing after PE
Cute local shrine
Natsuki and Riko catching crawdads and tadpoles
Cute kaeru
Our house by the way...

It the last day of my first week of school and I've managed to get lost twice already this week! XD Let's just say there were a few fences ran into a one soaked school uniform. I have this continuous feeling that I am going to crash into something while I am riding a bike. And let me make a modest proposal for Japan; street signs and names please. It was embarrassing and fun at the same time. I had such high expectations for my navigation skills, oh well, they are slowly getting better. Yesterday we vistied another adorable cake shop and a cute shinto shrine with lots of turtles. Also, school has been great everyone is so nice! I rode my bike to school for the first time (because of the rainy weather). And also when I went to pick up my bike to ride home after school someone had moved it out of the rain-just mine! How sweet. Today was one of my friend's birthday so I brought her a little present and she made me a sweet note and gave me a piece of candy :) Another funny thing that happened was I made a few mistakes on my English homework... I spelled "surprised" and some other word wrong. Haha. There was an English test today and when I passed my test up the some of the kids compared answers. During health class yesterday they were talking about smoking and the teachers asked the students to guess the legal smoking ages in various countries.When he asked for America no one guessed right so I said "juuhassai" (18 years old) and everyone clapped. Senior Japanese kids are just as crazy as American ones. The building to the left of mine at school is for seniors (3rd years) And one boy was yelling and gesturing for my to come over and I kind of hid/ignored him, then my friends said that he was coming all the way over to our class DX We ran in and asked me random questions, one being (like everyone else) "do you have boyfriend"? When I said yes he started yelling "I'm free! I'm free!". I really don't know what happened... During PE class yesterday I met a woman who was a PE teacher on the Kyoto board of educations, she was very nice. Before class some of my friends were asking my about the music I liked and karaoke and to explain "Michael Jackson" to me they all tied to moon walk...lolz.  During class boys still play beauty shop with each other and used hairspray and gel and little mirrors to do each other's hair...they are a lot more interested in how they look than most of the girls it seems, it's so funny! But all the girls are so nice and adorable anyways so they don't need to try. My friends Miho-chan and Doke-chan let me try on their ribbons (which I forgot to give back today...oops >O<). One boy sitting next to me was belting out "Let it Be" by the Beatles while a teacher was making him clean out his messy desk crammed full of papers and books. After school yesterday I also went to tea ceremony club for about half and hour. The teacher gave me a stool so I didn't have to sit seiza (sweet!). During long home room the class talked about what they wanted to do for the school festival in September. This array included cafe, guiness world record challenges, karaoke and the oh so popular "gay bar" as shouted quite often by a few boys XD. Today was one of our homeroom teacher's last day and she made a speech and we gave her 2 plaque-thingies with sweet messages and wrote her short notes (I tried my best to do it in Japanese and I included an English translation). It was so sad, she started crying at the end :( On a lighter note I tried the soda CC Lemon. It was lemony and dericious.

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