Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do you know Rev. Run?

Natsuki and Riko catching crawdaddies again
Dancing in PE
See the mirror? This lasted about minutes
My friend Haruna
Cute man-hole thingy
My bike

Not too much has happened this week. I'm just happy to be with my friends. Natsuki has been catching crawdads, tadpoles, fish and snails with her friends. Everyone is getting busy for finals coming up very soon. Hopefully after that I will be able to go out with some friends. This weekend I plan to explore more cute shops and maybe buy some gifts and make a cheese cake. On Monday I dyed some handkerchiefs after school. I chose one pattern that I wanted to use, but the teacher said he didn't have it, so I picked a different once, to which he promptly set me up with another different one XD I did get to do my other design after though. The Japanese sometimes just make you do what they want you too. They provided me with a translator, kinda funny guy. Honestly though, it wasn't necessary, I was able to understand the dying and screen printing instructions pretty well :) Luckily everyone at school has not gotten used to me quite yet, I kind of like the attention. Girls still squeal and wave and say hello and "kawaii" after I leave (that means cute). Today we were cleaning the bathrooms (by cleaning I mean standing around talking about our hair) and one girl said I had "golden hair". Haha. The other day some girls were also waving and blowing kisses from the other building XD It was something interesting to do during a boring class. One particularly funny boy, who has a really messy desk saw me looking at it and said "This desk beautiful. Do you know Rev. Run? Koby Bryant". XD LOLS. At school, girls aren't technically allowed to dye their hair (which is the only thing the school really cares about) wear make up and accessorize. Girls get around this by still sneaking on a little make up and wearing bright shirts that show through their white uniform blouses. They also have cute bags (though there is a standard black leather bowling-style bag). Boys also wear bright shirts, sneak on a bracelet or necklace and do their hair like crazy. I still crack up whenever I see a boy fixing another boy's hair with gel and a mirror. It's still hard to get over the fact that boys will get down to their scivies ANYWHERE. One boy definitely unbuttoned his pants to show off his underwear to his friend I think... I also met Elizabeth, who is an assistant English teacher from Cali. We discussed this among the many other crazy things about Japan (like how Pot leaves are on EVERYTHING). She has been here for years and still can't get over the boys. That's about all it for now. Tomorrow is my last day :( Yamamoto-sensei said last period (which is homeroom) would be a good-bye party.

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