Monday, June 21, 2010


I love C.C. Lemon!
Boat ride
Wake boarding
Boat Dock
Ice Cream
Cute dairy farm
Chiffon/Angel Food cake
View from tables
All the cars have TVs...a little distracting maybe?

Saturday: I rode around the neighborhood to get more familiarized in the morning. Went to a shop I thought had cute stuff but ended up being an Oba-chan's sewing store. Also went to a book store..pretty boring :) I went by the cafe I wanted to eat at and it was closed, maybe some other time. In the afternoon things got really hectic XD Yukari had invited some kids over to make cookies but said she "forgot how many"...about 20 kids later and 6 sheets of cookies I was exhausted! I made a little speech for the uninterested kids about Austin and talked to some of the moms. Around 4 or 5 pm 3 boys from my high school came over and we played Mario Kart for a while (which I whopped them at). One of the guys was hilarious! He knew quite a bit of English and Yukari said he was in the advanced English class. He apparently really liked "Call of Duty" and blurted it out whenever he could! XD He said I was Mineyama High School's "idol" lol. It was also pretty funny when none of them could find Texas on Yukari's globe. (One pointed to Toronto...). So that was a lot of fun. Later 3 girls from my school also came over and we all made pizza and played more games. The really loud boy wanted a picture with me and after that he showed me photos of him shooting a gun at an army surplus event thingy and again yelled "CALL OF DUTY!!!". By then it was almost 10pm and everyone went home.

Sunday: We woke up and hopped in the car (after moderate packing) for the beach! it took about 20 minutes to get there and we stopped at a nearby store to pick up snacks. They had information about various fishing things and I picked up one of the sheets for Dad (it's a secret though). 5 of my host dad (Shingo)'s friends also went to the beach with us. The 5 of them, Yuki, Natsuki and I rode on the boat while Yukari and Shingo drove the car to the other side of the bay. Along the way, some of them wake boarded. When we arrived on shore we switched out and Yuki and Yukari wake boarded, Yuki was very impressive! After that we ate our snacks and combed the beach. I found 6 pieces of Chinese pottery, how cool! One even has part of a crane on it! We also saw a cute fiddler crab. We had to leave kind of early because Yuki needed to study for exams...kawaiisou... On the wat back we say a wild pheasent!! We also stopped at an ADORABLE dairy and herb farm- so cute! We ate yummy icecream and angel food cake (I think). They had some interesting flavors, like sea salt, herb and tomato... I stuck with good ol' chocolate. When we got home everyone was pretty tired. Later after naps and showers Yukari, Natsuki and I went to a big 100 yen store :D heaven~ I got a cute froggy notebook and Natsuki got a net to catch tadpoles. After that, we went to a book store and let's just say half of the store was...interesting material D: Japan is weird. For dinner all of us went to a semi-traditional style restaurant. We ordered several dishes and everyone took what they wanted and the amount they wanted. This works out pretty well since it is impolite in Japan to leave food uneaten.  After that, we went grocery shopping and I wheeled Natsuki around it the cart. Yuki also picked out 6 boxes of scented tissues for Father's Day...

Monday: Today school was kind of boring XD But luckily later on I got to go to textile class and I printed/dyed 2 handkerchiefs! That was pretty fun. It's a bit of a process to make, lots of stencils and ink and washing and sewing and ironing. I had another teacher there to translate the instructions for me but to be honest I was doing pretty well on my own :) On the bike ride home I was not the slightest bit lost either, yay!

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