Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Day of School

Super Market Bakery

We made pancakes and spaghetti

Lunch time

School was a lot of fun, but kind of tiring. My sleep schedule and appetite has been pretty strange, probably because I am still adjusting. I wake up really early each morning thinking it is much later and I don't get that hungry and all. My schedule was home ec, math, science, Japanese, lunch, souji (cleaning classroom), English conversation and then English grammar. No after school stuff today, maybe tea ceremony club on Thursday. All the students were really nice and funny. The girls liked to say hi to me and several groups came over to talk to me. They gave me candy and I showed them my photos. They all went crazy when I said I had a boyfriend and everyone (even the guys) wanted to see a picture. The boys are school are so funny. They will change shirts and pants right in front of everyone and no one seems to care. A boy who sat in front of me used some sort of lotion like three times on his arms and legs and another guy was using copious amounts of hairspray! I had a little trouble navigating because the school looks the same everywhere, but I made it. I met the school nurse after school and one girl asked for my email and we talked a little. After school, my host mom and I went to an adorable little bakery cafe and we picked up sweets (cakes mostly) for everyone. I want to go back there sometime :)

Yesterday I met the principal and a few of the teachers, which was kind of scary. After I went grocery shopping with my host mom and to the bank to cash a traveler's check. At Japanese grocery stores, you bag your own groceries, which was interesting. Later, Yuki and I rode bikes to "MINE" shopping center and took purikura and ate ice cream. My bike skills are kinda shaky, especially with all of the stops. I totally didn't almost crash...maybe...I also gave my presents to my host family. Yuki's and Yukari's shirts ended up being the only ones that fit. Shingo's and Yuki's were much too big...oh well. They really liked the picture book about Austin and Yuki really, really liked her shirt :) Later the night some of the high school students that Yukari teaches English came over to talk with me. I wasn't that difficult surprisingly, it was pretty fun :)

Kuro-Chan! (who is shedding a lot right now)

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