Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Could you figure out what happened in the last post? On Sunday, Yukari and I went to a Buddhist Temple covered in hydrangeas! So pretty!! We ate yummy hot mochi and freshly roasted chestnuts. The groups were covered with a lot of little shrine and and stone figurines, at which you donate a few coinsand pray. The temple was so beautiful! A couple walking behind us found a very interesting caterpillar that nearly startled her! On Monday, Yukari, Natsuki and I went to *looks up the name* Amanohashidate; one of the "best views in Japan" (Natsuki had the day off from school, but had to go to school on Sunday for parent conferences). After stooping at Lawson for some snacks and drinks we arrived at a another Buddhist temple. We walked through their to a ferry which we rode along side the famous natural land bridge that cuts across the bay (ocean) and is covered in pine trees. On the other side, we rode an awesome lift over hydrangea gardens and trees to the top of the mountain. Up there we looked out over the pretty bay and land bridge. We also bought 3 clay disks that you were supposed to try to throw through a hoop on the side of the mountain (we were unsuccessful). We looked around in the gift store for a while, which had a plethora of items with the landmark's mascot, a little pine cone creature. On the way back, we rode the lift down again :) After that, we walked around the bridges (one that even rotated)! We saw some (fly?) fisherman, hermit crabs, lots of oyster shells and fish. On the way home, we stopped at a small hotel that advertised a "cake buffet". It was a little smaller than they made it sound, but it was still very cute and yummy. At home, we were all pretty tired and took naps (I decided to ride me bike after though). More about my town in the next post!

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