Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weird stuff around town + Ine + Kindergarten (part one)

Today, I went to Kindergarten for 3 hours (I'm going tomorrow also). Let's just say they liked me. I got mobbed, stared at, grabbed and dragged every where to go play :) They were so cute! First, they placed outside in the sand, on the monkey bars etc. They called me mostly "eigo no sensei" (English teacher) and "onee-san" (big sister). :3 I talked to a woman who knew quite a bit of English, which was nice. After, everyone went to a little stage area where I introduced myself, taught everyone "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" in English and answered questions. They asked me stuff like what my favorite color was, how many people were in my family and if I had a boyfriend...XD After, I went up to my teacher's class room and we sang a "ohaiyo/good morning" song, I read an English childrens' book and we made lantern decorations for the Tanabata festival that starts tomorrow. My only complaint is that they all tried to look up my skirt (I was wearing my pink flower dress). I kept telling them to stop, and stopped most of them, but they wouldn't listen (I even said it in Japanese)! One girl yelled "pinku!" (can you figure out what that means...?). So besides being grabbed all over and man-handled by 4 year olds, it was a pretty good day. I'm definitely wearing jeans tomorrow. After lunch, Yukari and I went to the small fishing village/town of Ine. We looked around the ocean and neighborhood and stuck our feet in the water. It was so pretty! It made me want to go back to the beach, hopefully we will go this weekend. This Friday is also a small festival, and I was invited to go with a 3rd year student in Middle school (she's 15), her name is Yuma. Yukari said that she didn't even mention asking me, it was all the girl's idea! That made me happy :) I also took some pics of funny stuff in my town.

He's the Boss.

"Joshin" electronics store.
Don Don Down on Wednesday (resale clothes)
"Old American Clothing Store" lol
TV is weird.
They secretly pull out the kids that arn't super genki. (energetic)
Sugar flowers
"Men-o-Pause" gentlemens' club XD this made my trip. Nothing sexier than menopause
Kindergarten class
Craft time
more kids
The water was so clear!
Oyster beds
Houses with boat garages
Lots of sea urchins (Yukari said "konnichiwa, to my mouth", she loves to eat them XD )

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