Friday, July 9, 2010

More Kindergarten, the Beach and the Festival

Wednesday was my last day at Kindergarten (and also 7/7, which is the Tanabata festival). The teachers put on a cute Tanabata play for all the kids. When I had to leave, my teacher put together an adorable booklet with 2 pictures of me and our class and drawings of my by all the kids :) It was sad to leave, but I kind of appreciate not being a jungle gym anymore. After school, my host Mom, Dad and I went to a revolving belt sushi restaurant. I thought it was cute that when you specifically order food, it quickly arrives on a cute little train. I some melon just so I could see the train XD  On Thursday, my host Mom went to the beach. We saw a lot of surfers, who are usually shy apparently according to her, I thought that was pretty funny. The water was pretty nice, we played in the sand and I found a cute crab :) After, we got ice cream at a different shop. I got "森の木の実" & "塩"  (Tree nut flavor and sea salt flavor". So yummy! Friday night was the local festival, I rode there (on a flat tire haha) with my friend Yuma. We met 3 of her other friends and we walked around. I saw a lot of friends from school. Some happened to cancel their English lessons with my host Mom to go to the festival. One of the girls showed me a picture of her Filipino boyfriend that doesn't speak any Japanese...? My friends caught little fish and ate lots of interesting festival foods, like frozen fruit, weird fish pancakes, candied strawberries, etc. We all decided to walk to a game/karaoke/bowling center to take purikura too. On the way back, we walked around a little more and by then it was time to go home. Today is Saturday and we're going to have a pizza party with some of my high school friends tonight. In a little while I'm going to go buy fireworks (I can do it by myself since there is no age limit!). Tomorrow we might go to a different beach if it doesn't rain and on Monday I'm going to be on the radio!! (I'm nervous!). Tuesday is a meeting with the Elementary School principal for an hour or so because on W/Th/F I'm going to be going to the Elementary School from about 9-12. Next weekend is a swim date with my Kindergarten teacher and her daughter then we leave for Kyoto and Kobe. The week after that I leave (the 22nd) :( It's all gone by so fast!

Kids decorating the bamboo stalks
One of my classes
The other one
Tanabata play
Outside on the playground (waiting for swings)
The beach
More beach
My friends catching fish
More friends
Festival food
Temple entrance

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