Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pizza and Marine World

On Saturday we had a pizza party in the evening with some friends (2 of mine - Mako and Ayuka). We made pizza, french fries and decorated a cake. We actually made 2 cakes prior but one kinda failed so we just ate it early. In the evening we played with fireworks too :) After all the food and fireworks we played cards till everyone went home. On Sunday we were going to go swimming but it rained to we went to the Marine World aquarium instead! It was so much fun, and I made a new best friend; a walrus. I think the photos explain the rest.

The final product

Actual length of a giant salamander
The giant salamander
fugu (so cute!)
More fishes
Scary eel
Mud skippers!
Snake-fish things.
My best friend
Showing off for the ladies.
(indoor!) dolphin show
Touch tanks
 Cute slogan

That's it!

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