Monday, July 5, 2010

Camping in the moutains.

Winding roads, lots of absolutely beautiful forests, foggy views, and lots and lots of rain. We stayed there with 4 other moms and 6 kids (maybe?) in two cabins for one night. The cabins were pretty nice, full ofuro/bathrooms, nice bunk-bed style sleeping areas and a little kitchenette. We played games with all the girls, ate lots of snacks and I even cooked pumpkin. We stayed up too late playing cards and freaking out when we heard bugs crash against the window XD Apparently they know of Freddy Kruger. Again, it was raining non-stop but we all stopped caring about getting wet after a while. When we returned, I decided to say sayounara to my gold tennis shoes. They were wet and smelly and dirty and could not be helped. :)

This was on Saturday and Sunday. Today (Tuesday) I went to a Kindergarten...more about that later! We also saw summer fireworks on the fourth, coincidentally. I celebrated America's birthday with a Coke from the vending machine on the corner :)

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